Arizona Wingshoot Procedures


•    Check in: Hunters must check in prior to 6:30am. A safety briefing in the field will be held in the field preceding the shoot.
•    Hunters will be assigned shooting stations which will be selected through a random drawing.  
•    Moderators: each shooting station will have a moderator who is provided with a radio for coordination and safety purposes. The moderator’s job will be to keep track of each bird bagged by each shooter and ensure a safe shooting environment is maintained at all times.  Moderators will also call “NO SHOT” when a nontarget species passes by. All shooters must comply with instructions and directions provided by AZGFD moderators.
•    Each numbered shooting station will be signed and its boundary clearly delineated by hay bales, flagging, tape, paint, or other markers. 
•    Designated shooting zones will be established by paint lines, flagging or other means.  For the safety of all, low shots are to be avoided. Shots may only be taken within the designated shooting zone of the station they are assigned to. No shots may be taken to the back of the shooting station. Birds approaching from the rear must be allowed to pass into the shooting zone before being fired upon.